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Released: May 9, 2012
Updated: May 9, 2012 by dperrow
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Application v0.9.18.23
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Release Notes

- Function 20 now returns the value of tag ProcessInactive (space by default) which can be set in the cfg file

- Function 20 now returns 0 rather than space if process is not active

- Another minor fix for ChannelName

- minor fix for ChannelName

- Increased size of arrays to hold TV channels and Radio channels to 1024 and checks to log an error and ignore anything
more than 1023 entries in each.

- Added ability to chage the displayed date/time format using a new tag DateFormat. Updated the doc file to explain formatting characters. Default is "%H:%M %d/%m/%y" (without quotes) ) for 12 hour format USA formatted date with the date displayed first then in the cfg file you could use:
DisplayFormat=%m/%d/%y %I:%M
- minor fix for recording endsession generating a stop mode

-Minor change to radio display in function 1 to display as xx.xFM rather than full frequency value.
- Updated MCE_Tracer to allow host and port as parameters on the command line.

- Added Volume Icon tag (CCVolume) and a tag to enable it (UseVolIcon)
- Increased max tag string size from 50 to 100 so you can define 2 custom characters if required.
- Added ability to put D after tag name to retrieve Description text for the tag
- Changed definition of custom characters to include the whole string e.g. $CustomChar(1,31,31,31,31,31,31,31,31)$Chr(176)
rather than just the bit definitions.
- Removed Volume,Mute,PhoneCall,Next,NextFrame,Prev,PrevFrame from the Mode Tag so that they only temporarily appear
(with the associated Icon) in DisplayMode.

- NOTE - Health Warning - This version is not well tested as I don't have an FM tuner to test with.
- Added support for Radio Channel names use Radio before the radio channel lines in the ini file.
Use TV before the TV channels (This is the default so if thre are no radio channel definitions in the file it'll still work)
- Added tag 'RadioChannel' which will contain the current radio channel name
- Added tag 'RadioChannelTag' which defaults to 'MediaName' but can be set to 'RadioFrequency' and determines which tag value
is used to select the radio channel name.
- Updated Function 2 to display radio channel name if available

- Fixed a couple of bugs in the recording depth code
- Added a tag 'ChannelNotFound' which lets you define the text displayed for a TV channel or recording from the cfg file.
This can be set to nothing by having a line 'ChannelNotFound=' (i.e. nothing after the =) and you can use %d or %2d if you
want the channel number substituted in the text.

- Increased recording capacity to 9

- Added NavStatus flag which is an amalgamation of the FS_* tags
by default this is a string but the integer value can be obtained using NavStatusI and will have the following values:
FSDVD 20, FSExtensibility 21, FSGuide 22, FSHome 23, FSMusic 24, FSPhotos 25, FSRadio 26, FSRecordedShows 27
FSTV 28, FSUnknown 29, FS_Videos 30
- Added ability to get String value by adding S to the end of the tag name (Note the S value may return a valid value for all tags)

- Fixed issue with stuttering before MCE is run for the first time

- Fixed display text for Menu (was previously 'Burning Disc')

see release notes for previous details.

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